Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lest We Forget


OK - I'm cheating a little bit - coz I didn't write this at dawn on ANZAC day - but I want youse all to know that as the sun rose, I was doing my bit to remember those great aussies that made this country great.

Me and darryll had the most unrool time remembering those Aussie and Kiwi legends who went over to Gallipoli all those years ago, fighting for king and country.

It's this spirit of ordinary aussies, crossing the coeans to lend a helping hadn to their mates - that makes this country great.

We went on our own trek - just aussies and kiwis, all setting out from Earl's court in the mother country on our very own tour of duty.

We chose the three day package coz darryl wanted to be back for sunday at the church - its a bit of a ritual for all the aussies staying in london.

On monday at dawn, we all headed off in a mini bs - all organised by a mate of darryll's. We just need enough fosters to get us through the chunnel - coz we knew we could stock up big time in France. Some girl at the hostel had made us a shitload of ANZAC BISCUITS - so we had some spiritual sustenance to keep us going, if you know what I mean....

I don't remember much of the journey - but I did have plenty of lime breezers - and we had a bloody rage on the bus - ya know? I really felt the anzac spirit.

and we drove day in and day out - well we didn't drive... some Aussie legend - who organised the whole thing did the driving - and kept up the great supply of Kevin bloody wilson to remind us of home. We drove through greece and got some ouzo and whatever else we could lay our hands on.

I dont' want to bore you wit the details - but I want youse all to know that we did it hard. camping on site, at the memorial - where the bodies of the diggers lay.

We held a barbie and sat up all night on tuesday, drinking and singing and remembering the anzac legend. I reckon I must have had a bit too much of the local sprit. I'd run through both me slabs of breezers and so I was mixing the local brew with 7-up -coz beer is a man's drink and I dont' wanna tread on Darryll's turf, OK?

Darryll was orright - he was hanging with his mates, just like they did back int he trenches... but I didnt see a lot of him. And me mates from the hostel, Kyra and Kelly - well - they were having a hell of a time and I kind of got dragged into it. We ended up meeting some sheepshaggers - and they were up for a gang bang and so were the girls.

I'm a married lady so didn't want to be too much of a trashbag especially aroudn darrylls mates, so I didnt get too involved. but - I got so trashed, feeling left out of things, I ened up spewing me guts out for hours and hours, and I passed out.

At dawn I came to, looking up at the arse of some guy trying to shove his cock in my mouth, while his mate had me legs apart trying to give it to me up the arse. Now i'm all for cross tasman alliances, but this was a bit much.

"Wrong hole ya sheep shagger" I cried and kicked him back.

and ya know, one thing I like about the kiwis, is that they're always obliging. He saw my open pussy and he decided to fill it.

so as the dawn rose, and the trumpets blared, I felt the Anzac spirit enter me, and I felt very proud to be an Aussie.

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