Monday, September 11, 2006

Are You A Terrorist?

Like Weapons of Mass Destruction, terrorists could be anywhere. They conceal themselves so well that even people we think we know can be secretly harbouring terrorist intentions or ideas.

Part of being ALERT BUT NOT ALARMED involves being aware that even the most innocent seeming actions, thoughts or works could easily lead to more serious and dangerous activities.

Terrorists often recruit ordinary people by subtle and persuasive means. Terrorists could be among our neighbours, friends, workmates or even our family members.

Terrorists know who to target. They know that some people are more susceptible to being led astray than others. The young, the idealistic and the discontented can be easily persuaded to adopt ideas that are UNAUSTRALIAN. From then on it is only a short slide to actively even if unwittingly supporting terrorism.

This is why CacA has developed a series of surveys and factsheets to help ordinary Australians who want to feel sure that they are not aiding or abetting any terrorists hiding amongst us.

CacA aims to keep Australians informed about the threat that terrorism poses in daily life and to find practical ways that we can all be ALERT BUT NOT ALARMED.

CacA is not affiliated to any government organisations but is not a group of vigilantes either. CacA consists simply of Concerned Alert Citizens of Australia, ordinary people tyring to find common sense ways of dealing with the deadly threat of terrorism.

CacA is entirely made up of volunteers, ordinary Australians who are banding together to keep an eye on our mates. Staying alert and staying safe to ensure a secure future for the Australian Way of Life.

By monitoring our own behaviour and not letting ourselves be vulnerable to the type of mob rule that terrorists thrive on, we can all ensure a more secure Australia.


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