Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Un-bloody believable

Mercedes Corby used drugs, court told

Jodie Power has told a defamation jury she took drugs with former friend Mercedes Corby and photographed her with a "penis pipe" smoking marijuana.

Giving evidence on Wednesday in the NSW Supreme Court on behalf of the Seven Network, Ms Power said she had seen the sister of Schapelle Corby use the drugs marijuana, speed and shabu - a type of methamphetamine.


The Sydney jury was shown two photos she took in Bali in 1998 of Mercedes Corby with a pipe, shaped like a penis, which Ms Power said was used to smoke marijuana.

Ms Power said one was taken after Ms Corby had "just had a puff", while the other showed her with the pipe in her mouth and "lighting it".

The Seven Network's QC, Tom Hughes, said the evidence would show Ms Corby had used various drugs, sold marijuana, supplied other substances and lied to the public about the Corby family's involvement in the "vile" drug trade.

Ms Power's evidence was interrupted at one stage by a woman in the public gallery shouting support for Schapelle Corby, who is serving 20 years in a Bali prison for smuggling cannabis into Indonesia in 2004.

The woman, with long grey hair and wearing a long purple dress, launched a tirade about Corby's incarceration before being removed from the courtroom.

Mercedes Corby has taken defamation action over a Seven news bulletin and three items broadcast on its Today Tonight program to millions of viewers in February last year.

She is suing Channel Seven Sydney Pty Limited, Seven Network Limited and Australian News Channel Pty Limited, which aired the shows on Sky TV.

Ms Corby is also suing Today Tonight's presenter Anna Coren, its reporter Bryan Seymour and Ms Power.

Her QC, Stuart Littlemore, has told the jury Ms Power was motivated by "money, hatred and celebrity" to tell lies on the programs and to say that Mercedes Corby, her former best friend, was a drug smuggler.

But Mr Hughes said Seven will call evidence to show Ms Corby had used marijuana, speed, shabu and ecstasy, as well as supplying the first three drugs.

He also said Ms Corby had lied to the public when she denied that she and her family had no involvement with drugs.

"Not only was she, Mercedes Corby, involved in this vile trade - and it is vile - but also her brother Michael Corby," he said.

Ms Power, 35, told the jury she met Mercedes Corby on the Gold Coast in March 1992.

She said they had smoked marijuana, which she usually purchased from Michael Corby.

She said Ms Corby gave her a substance in Bali which she said was shabu and which "was really good, you can f*** all day".

Ms Power then revealed she had "sex all day" with her partner after taking the drug.

Her evidence was interrupted by the woman in the public gallery who shouted: "Why isn't Schapelle Corby freed? She has suffered enormously for three years in hell.

"You make me sick to the core of my Christian soul," she said, addressing the court.

Justice Carolyn Simpson sent the jury away as the woman continued shouting, before security escorted her away.

Ms Power will continue her evidence on Friday.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Aussie Dream Cum Troo

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Un Bloody Believable


you wouldn't bloody believe this - but I was on the beach in the nuddy on Saturday - working on my all over tan to look really hot for the sexy pics I took with my hubby Darryll so we remember forever how hot we are as newlyweds.....

and some bloody clown came up and arrested me for wearing a hat! It wasn't just any hat - but I was wearing the Aussie coat of arms too - just trying to show my support for the greatest country on earth - and then I get fined $100!

Turned out to be some prank by those bloody pinkos at the ABC - so they're showing it tonight on The Chaser at 9pm

A waste of my 8 cents, tho I reckon my tan looks pretty hot but eh?

hey youse can still see pics of me baring it all for Australia at THE HOWARD YEARS Exhibition at the AT THE VANISHING POINT gallery at 571 King Street Newtown. It's on for another 2 weeks and is all about how Australia has been rescued from the clutches of banana republic multicultural communists in the ALP to become the greatest country on earth


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Looking for Democracy

"it's time to take things to the streets, out there to the ordinary aussies that beleive in this country and who make it the greatest place in the world."

inspired by the passion and patriotism of her native queenslanders at the recent "Police Pride Rally" in Brisbane, Aussie Icon Schappylle Scragg has decided that sydney could do with a dose of decent aussie values.

"Mate I'm asking all my friends, all the ordinary decent aussies, who like a beer, love a barbie and hanging out in the sunshine to do their bit to show that this country has something worth fighting for"

"Darryll reckons Democracy is a big word, but sometimes big words are important eh? coz at the end of the day that's what makes the difference between here, and some of those other places that we seen on our honeymoon"

"I mean what kind of place makes a special holiday when we've got the honour and privilege of having 21 or the worlds greatest leaders in our backyard? It's gonna be like the worlds biggest barbie! We don't need no protests or nothing, coz we've got nothing to protest against! this is the greatest nation on earth!

"During APEC, we'll just have a bloody good time, and let those world leaders see that this is the greatest nation on earth.

"Maybe they can take something back to their own countries, like our great love of sport and the Aussie way of life.

Anyway I don't wanna get off the track - but i'm asking all me mates and all the ordinary Aussies who believe in the Australian way of life to chip in and bring something to this little exhibition i'm having - right near Darling Harbour where all the tourists go.

Just bring something that shows how much the Australian Way of Life and Ordinary Australian Values mean to you, and we'll put it in. It's gonna be first week in october - just after the queens' birthday or that holiday they have then eh? another reason to love the sunburnt country.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Schappylle is chasing bananas


Wot's a hangover without a banana smoothie?

i'm missin me bananas and i'm off to find out why they are so bloody expensive in sydney!

I'm getting out of the big smoke, so I can find out where decent aussies can go just to give those you beaut quiet achievers a fair go when they come to Sydney next month. We don't want no ratbags getting in the way of aussie progress in the region now do we? I reckon brizzie is top of me list - tho I'll always call coolangatta home....

Might be havvin a bit of a girls nite out at surfers too - just don't tell Darryll eh?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wedding Bells

Hot on the heels of Johnny H's mission to make more Aussies, Schappylle and Darryll finally tied the knot.

Actually they'd meant to marry in late 2006 (remember Scragg's hens night?) but since his buck's nite, Darryll had been paralytic and missed the service - so they had to forget it. but since they'd already paid for the honeymoon - they went off anyway.

highlights of the evening included a romantic dance to ACDC "you shook me all night long" and Schappylles impromptu display of marital aids. thanks to the female strippers at the SLY for keeping the event raunchy but classy.

Darryll wrote to CACA - giving his account of the events....

just wanted to thank youse all for coming along last night, even those of ya who didn't know we was getting hitched and so weren't all like dressed up and that and kinda looked like a bunch of bogans. all the pressies and pinches on the arse were a right treat and much appreciated by me and the little lady. and to those of ya who didn't make it- youse don't know what you were missing! it was all there, all the trimmings: VB for the boys, bundy and coke for the girls, some Acca Dacca and little fairy lights stuck in the ceiling just like at your fave RSL club back home on the gold coast.

and of course, it ain't a wedding if there's no pictures, how the heck you supposed to remember it otherwise? and with schappa being so hot in her meringue and me all done up like a dog's dinner with me mullet all spoofed up it andn me good suit on it was worth capturing for prosperity and all i reckon, you know, something to show the grandkids like. some of the proceedings were captured on scragg's very own fone camera and can be enjoyed at and when i finally drag myself out of the conjugal bed and onto the lounge with me laptop i'll be downloading some new pix of the nuptials on my flickr site at

love youse all heaps


ps and to those nice ladies who stroked my ego and swapped spit when i was having a winnie blue, don't tell me missus, yeah? reckon whatever she was getting up to in the girls room was a bit dodgy anyways, nobody can take that long applyling 'lip gloss'. if i find out who it was giving my bitch a bone i'll smash 'em good, promise.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We Don't Need No Education

"Mate, where I come from, we got Bond Uni, ya know? I mean some people can't help brainy, but they shouldn't go round expecting some sort of a free lunch out of it, eh"

Speaking from her Gold Coast home while recovering from Jetlag, CACA Icon Schappylle Scragg announced her intervention in the art schools debate recently this week. Scragg says that she was moved to speak out amidst increasing media attention to the 'crisis' in Arts education in Western Sydney.

"Yeah, well I been down to Sydney and I seen all those fancy McMansions and I reckon all those westies are getting up themselves, just coz they've all got such big mortgages eh?. I mean why do they think they are so special?"

"They've got all those people moving in and getting rich and all those migrants that they've let in now. I mean I've heard that some of these people like sitting around reading books and learning instruments - like those Japanese kids on the violin. do you call that Australian?"

"Just because people want a better life for their kids, doesn't mean they have to go around trying to get all up themselves and start reading books and studying art. A good Aussie artist like Pro hart never had no art education and he was the greatest Aussie artist that ever lived. Everyone knows that."

"If people wanna be some kind of tall poppy they can go overseas. but if they wanna be true to the aussie values that made this country great, then they should work hard and not rock the boat. you don't need a bloody art degree to drive around in a decent set of wheels or to live in decent house. Me and Darryle get all our home renovation tips from the telly - and all his mates say our home is a work of art in itself."

"I reckon those westies need to take a good look at themselves. I mean, if they can't keep Australia's Wonderland open - then what kind of culture do they think they've got? what tourist is going to go to a bloody art gallery? Everyone knows that real Aussies prefer sport, eh?"

Scragg made the announcements and got so worked up she had to have a bundy and coke to settle down. she then decided to fly down to sydney to check out the situation herself.

"I'm gonna go to Darling Harbour, and then I'm going to find some of those arty farty types and show them what REAL AUSSIE CULTURE REALLY IS. If they can't have that in western Sydney, then they're kidding themselves."

Scragg has decided to call her project "Independence Day" in honour of the movie. she'll make a number of public appearances on the 4th July in order to encourage ordinary australians to band together to fight for the aussie spirit.

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