Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ordinary Australians Can Make a Difference

Sometimes it can seem like the war on terror is too scary to think about.

Most people hope the government will take care of things an it will go away.

Not all Australians believe in keeping out heads in the sand. CacA is a group of ordinary Australians, looking for practical ways that we can all keep an eye on our mates. CacA consists simply of Concerned Alert Citizens of Australia, ordinary people trying to find common sense ways of dealing with the deadly threat of terrorism.

CacA aims to keep Australians informed about the threat that terrorism poses in daily life and find practical ways that we can all be ALERT BUT NOT ALARMED.

We are not vigilantes and we are not about leading some sort of witch hut against extremists or weirdos. We just want ordinary Australians to know how they can do their bit to keep Australia safe and secure.

CacA is not affiliated to any government groups and is entirely made up of volunteers, ordinary Australians who are banding together to keep and eye on our mates. Staying alert and staying safe to ensure a secure future for the Australian Way of Life.


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