Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Let's Get This Shit Sorted

Concerned Alert Citizens Australia would like to salute the Attorney General for the latest initiative in ignoring those chardonnay swilling members of the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC), the Legal and Constitutional Committee of the Senate and namby pamby pinko members of the chattering classes, and keeping the proposed sedition laws which are essential to preserving the Australian Way of Life.

A spokesperson from CaCA, Craig McGurk said "Already we seen these lawshave been effective in dampening the full expression of subversive ideas by ratbags who wish to either stir up trouble or undermine the Australian Way of Life.
The risks for Ordinary Australians in these times of trouble are too serious to let a bunch of possum stirrers leave the way open for terorrist infiltration. Terrorists are everywhere, we all know that. Just because they don't advertise the fact, it doesn't mean that we all shouldn't be alert."

Noting that the current alert level for australia is at Medium, Craig said he saw it as a clear sign that the government is on the right track. "I'd still say it isn't time for getting alarmed just yet, I mean, we're not really like the yanks, we just want to keep our eyes peeled and show a bit of common sense. I think most ordinary Australians would agree with that wouldn't you?"

Asked about the likely risks of the new laws to stifle the creativity and initiative of the current and future generations of australian Artists, writers, and performers, Craig became emphatic.

"Look mate, some of these people can get a bit bloody silly, you know? Listen, we've just lost a major national icon, in Steve Irwin. That man looked into the jaws of death every day of his bloody life, and did he flinch? did he turn away? Nah! He jumped in there, boots and all, and did his bit for Australia, for his family, and for our wildlife too, even if it killed him."

" I reckon there's somehting in that for all of us. You have a go, you understand the risks, but real Aussies will jump in and give it a go anyway. If you want initiative you just gotta look at our sportsmen. I mean some of them can get a bit out of line too you know. Look at Warnie! but if you listen to your mates, and stay true to this great wide brown land, things will see you through in the end."

Learning that various arts, legal and media groups were starting a campaign to to approach those parliamentarians who have expressed concern, to ask that they demonstrate their commitment and demand the recommended changes to the legislation, Craig continued.

"Listen mate, I'm no artist, but I know what I like, and so do most ordinary Australians. My mate read a book once, and he couldn't see what the bloody fuss was about. I mean, why would you bother when you can get most of your news from Alan Jones? I don't mind the odd painting, and I really don't see what they're so worried about. I mean a picture of a bunch of kangaroos, or cows or an old slab hut, that's not going to hurt anyone is it? I'ts like I said before. The Olympics have been going for millenia, it's ancient tradition, and yet Aussies can still have initiative and show the everyone that we are the greatest nation in the world. It's the same for art and all that other stuff. If you stick to what you know, keep to the tried and true rules, then you'll get there in the end. You'll show the others that even battlers can be the best, and beat the rest."
Concerned Alert Citizens Australia, backed by ordinary australians, wants to see a clear distinction made between namby pamby chardonnnay swilling socialists and genuine ratbags, but believes that all of the above need to take a long hard look at themselves. CACA applauds the potential of the anti-sedition legislation to encourage caution and self awareness in all Australians, and wishes to encourage ordinary Australians, especially those concerned by their potential to assist terrorists, to take the initiative and contact CACA.

CACA's "Are You Unaustralian" survey provides an ideal form of self monitoring that any one can conduct safely and easily in the privacy of their own home. If people really do have any genuine concerns that they may in fact personally pose a threat to the Australian Way of life, then CACA has a number of other request forms, for monitoring and investigation by appropriate authorities, that will help them do their job and protect Australia's future.

Schappylle Scragg, popular aussie icon said "Like me, CACA is open to anyone and anything. It's only by ordinary Aussies, getting in and doing their bit, that the war on terror will be won. So, contact CACA today!"


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We definertleye need more armoured- gardes walikng tjhe streets(tm) at nite.


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