Monday, November 20, 2006

Miss Australia

Inspired by Jennifer Anniston's cover girl bikini guide in the latest CLEO - Schappylle Scragg has got in on the act - just to shhow that natural aussie shelias are the most beautiful in the world.

looking a bit worse for wear after her wild hens night Scragg bravely soldiered on to spread the word and spread herself around:

Scragg's tips are:

1. don't sit in the sand - coz it'll catch in yer panty gusset and make you look like you've dropped a turd

2. If you haven't got a best mate like Sharleigh to give you a Brazilian then you can bleach your short and curlies - they'll blend right in

3. Stuff some chicken fillets down your bikini top to keep that cleavage looking healthy.

4. Go for gold: It'll flatter every shade of fake tan

5. Fly the flag! - on a towel, on your skin, wherever you can.

6. don't be afraid of a wedgie - pretend you're wearing a g-string

7. If you go swimming expect to end up in the nuddy - with sand between your legs - ditto if you go for a grope behind the dunny.

8. Let your hair hang down - people love that windswept look

9. don't forget the sunnies - or the aerogarde!

10. Be proud of the woman you are, and don't hide your light under a bushell. Bare it all for the sun, the surf, the sand and everything that makes Australia beautiful


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