Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Un Bloody Believable


you wouldn't bloody believe this - but I was on the beach in the nuddy on Saturday - working on my all over tan to look really hot for the sexy pics I took with my hubby Darryll so we remember forever how hot we are as newlyweds.....

and some bloody clown came up and arrested me for wearing a hat! It wasn't just any hat - but I was wearing the Aussie coat of arms too - just trying to show my support for the greatest country on earth - and then I get fined $100!

Turned out to be some prank by those bloody pinkos at the ABC - so they're showing it tonight on The Chaser at 9pm

A waste of my 8 cents, tho I reckon my tan looks pretty hot but eh?

hey youse can still see pics of me baring it all for Australia at THE HOWARD YEARS Exhibition at the AT THE VANISHING POINT gallery at 571 King Street Newtown. It's on for another 2 weeks and is all about how Australia has been rescued from the clutches of banana republic multicultural communists in the ALP to become the greatest country on earth



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