Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wedding Bells

Hot on the heels of Johnny H's mission to make more Aussies, Schappylle and Darryll finally tied the knot.

Actually they'd meant to marry in late 2006 (remember Scragg's hens night?) but since his buck's nite, Darryll had been paralytic and missed the service - so they had to forget it. but since they'd already paid for the honeymoon - they went off anyway.

highlights of the evening included a romantic dance to ACDC "you shook me all night long" and Schappylles impromptu display of marital aids. thanks to the female strippers at the SLY for keeping the event raunchy but classy.

Darryll wrote to CACA - giving his account of the events....

just wanted to thank youse all for coming along last night, even those of ya who didn't know we was getting hitched and so weren't all like dressed up and that and kinda looked like a bunch of bogans. all the pressies and pinches on the arse were a right treat and much appreciated by me and the little lady. and to those of ya who didn't make it- youse don't know what you were missing! it was all there, all the trimmings: VB for the boys, bundy and coke for the girls, some Acca Dacca and little fairy lights stuck in the ceiling just like at your fave RSL club back home on the gold coast.

and of course, it ain't a wedding if there's no pictures, how the heck you supposed to remember it otherwise? and with schappa being so hot in her meringue and me all done up like a dog's dinner with me mullet all spoofed up it andn me good suit on it was worth capturing for prosperity and all i reckon, you know, something to show the grandkids like. some of the proceedings were captured on scragg's very own fone camera and can be enjoyed at and when i finally drag myself out of the conjugal bed and onto the lounge with me laptop i'll be downloading some new pix of the nuptials on my flickr site at

love youse all heaps


ps and to those nice ladies who stroked my ego and swapped spit when i was having a winnie blue, don't tell me missus, yeah? reckon whatever she was getting up to in the girls room was a bit dodgy anyways, nobody can take that long applyling 'lip gloss'. if i find out who it was giving my bitch a bone i'll smash 'em good, promise.

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