Tuesday, October 31, 2006

chuck another blonde on the Barbie

Big thanks to Bruce Tucker for showing that not all blokes in Canberra are a punch of pen pushing pansies!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our Schappylle Lends a Helping Hand

Undeterred by the appalling treatment dished out to OUR SCHAPPELLE (corby) , Aussie icon Schappylle Scragg is letting bygones be bygones and joining a bunch of ordinary aussies to lend a helping hand to our nearest neighbours, our mates up north.

This saturday, thousands of priceless artworks will go under the hammer at a very special auction organised by Indonesian Solidarity and Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA.

As the Monsoon season draws near, post-earthquake recovery in Indonesia is increasingly urgent. So make sure youse get along to:


Stone Gallery on oxford (Paddington Uniting Church)

396 Oxford Street - Paddington (in the heart of the Paddington Markets)

7 October 2006, view from 10am, auction at 3pm.
The terrible plight of those poor indonesians, suffering not only a tsunami but two earthquakes has moved many an ordinary aussie to tears, and even inspired some of the more out there artists to create saleable objects by which ordinary Aussies can show
they care about more than interest rates.

"I don't know much about art, but I know what I like" will be the guiding element of Schappylles sales pitch as she places work under the hammer by such diverse artists as renowned relational aesthete Lucas Ihlein, brightly coloured goat painter Anna Wheeler and post object conceptualist Ina Milllis on the same chopping block.

"A lot of these arty farty types cna seem a bit out there, but really, most of them are about getting together and having a go, and what could be more Aussie than that? I seen that Griggs guy do some lovely little sculptures that really rmeind me a lot of the fun I had last time I went to Bali, and I reckon the'd be great little reminder of the sharing caring spirit that most Aussies share with our northern neighbours"

There'll be art, goon, glamour and more multiculturalism than you can poke a stick at.If Steve Irwin was still alive, i'm sure he'd be there too.

Artists who have donated work include: Dadang Christanto, Susan Norrie, Arlene Textaqueen, Sally Smart, Liz Cuming, Mikala Dwyer, Rudy Ardianto, Rully Zakaria, Aris Prabawa, Taring Padi (Yogyakarta), Claire Conroy, James Hancock, Mark Hanham, Justin
Feuerring, Melody Willis, Mark Gerada, Nathan Pyewacket, John Bell, Jacqueline Olivetti, Caroline Kha, Neil Hicks, Lucas Ihlein, Rudy Kistler, Anna Wheeler, Jim Croke, Mickie Quick, Refi Mascot, Caroline Zilinsky, David Griggs, Alex Davies, Locust Jones, Koji Ryui, Jumaadi, Simon Cavanough, Ian Milliss, Mia Oatley, Paul Ryan, Roslisham AKA Ise, Simon Yates, Josh Roelink, Sarah Nguyen, Yosi Messiah,
Malcolm Smith, Lynn Smith, Hana Schimada, Vicky Brown, Lisa Kelly, Chayni Henry, Deborah Beck, Sia Cox, Keg DeSouza, Anna Kristensen, Deborah Kelly, Diego Bonetto, Stephen Oatley, Richard Tipping, Anna Young, Jennifer Ogilvie, Kathryn Fries, Lisa Andrew, Josephine Roberte