Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Looking for Democracy

"it's time to take things to the streets, out there to the ordinary aussies that beleive in this country and who make it the greatest place in the world."

inspired by the passion and patriotism of her native queenslanders at the recent "Police Pride Rally" in Brisbane, Aussie Icon Schappylle Scragg has decided that sydney could do with a dose of decent aussie values.

"Mate I'm asking all my friends, all the ordinary decent aussies, who like a beer, love a barbie and hanging out in the sunshine to do their bit to show that this country has something worth fighting for"

"Darryll reckons Democracy is a big word, but sometimes big words are important eh? coz at the end of the day that's what makes the difference between here, and some of those other places that we seen on our honeymoon"

"I mean what kind of place makes a special holiday when we've got the honour and privilege of having 21 or the worlds greatest leaders in our backyard? It's gonna be like the worlds biggest barbie! We don't need no protests or nothing, coz we've got nothing to protest against! this is the greatest nation on earth!

"During APEC, we'll just have a bloody good time, and let those world leaders see that this is the greatest nation on earth.

"Maybe they can take something back to their own countries, like our great love of sport and the Aussie way of life.

Anyway I don't wanna get off the track - but i'm asking all me mates and all the ordinary Aussies who believe in the Australian way of life to chip in and bring something to this little exhibition i'm having - right near Darling Harbour where all the tourists go.

Just bring something that shows how much the Australian Way of Life and Ordinary Australian Values mean to you, and we'll put it in. It's gonna be first week in october - just after the queens' birthday or that holiday they have then eh? another reason to love the sunburnt country.


At 3:32 PM, Blogger Skanky Jane said...

Schappylle do you have a post office box?
SJ xx

At 5:45 AM, Blogger ultravixen said...

Love the photo - hope you don't mind but I have mentioned it on the Hellfire Blog in the best bomb-bag sighting section.

I linked it back to you.


The Hellfire Club


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